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>From: "Jill Christensen" <jill_christensen@mcad.edu>

> > Again, if that's the case, how did most of the GW boys
> >became considered as bishounens?
>Maybe the term is beeing used more loosely these days but that's kind of
>like saying any Hollywood actor who appeals to women and is better looking
>than Charles Bronson (I may have that wrong, I'm thinking of the 70's actor
>from Deathwish) is a pretty boy.

Having been a manga/anime fan for almost 30 yrs.(I'm quite old...), when the
whole bishounen term was first coined, it was used exclusively for
"beautiful boys" who were pretty in an almost girl-like way, and not
masculine. However, the media has used the term more and more loosely. If
you read current Japanese magazines and look at "idol" singers and actors
called "bishounen", I don't think they fit that definition any more.

I have seen articles in non-anime magazines referring to shows such as Saint
Seiya, Samurai Troopers, and Gundam Wing as "bishounen gundan (group)
anime", so I think the media considers them as such. I think nowadays, they
use it for boys in their teens who have a "pretty" look. Once they look
fully grown, they are called "biseinen". (I've seen Brad Pitt described as

I'm not sure if the anime/manga fandom still uses the term in a strict
fashion, because I don't read much anime magazines anymore.

>Harohiko Mikimoto (aka Hal) did the designs for Gundam 0080: A War >in the
>Pocket and seems to have illustrated Lightning Hathaway as >well as
>Belotica's Children.

He also illustrated the covers of all 5 Gundam wing novels, for some unknown
reason... and quite badly, I might add. I really wish Murase Shukoh (GW's
chara designer) did the illustrations, because his pictures are quite
characteristic and beautiful...

mirai y

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