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>But Char and Gato come from different ends of the spectrum. Gato is a True
>Believer in the glory of Zeon, as espoused by Gihren Zabi. Char, on the
>other hand, doesn't believe in anything and is somewhat contemptuous of
>those who do. Char is a user and a manipulator with a driving ambition to
>destroy the Zabi family and reclaim his rightful place as leader of Side 3.
> Gato is an idealist and something of a romantic. People follow Char
>because he's a man with a plan and has "Winner" written all over him, they
>follow Gato because his zealotry is contagious, especially to those already
>bitten by that particular bug.

Hmm... good point, But I see Char as not as opportunist as you do but more of
a man whose past was destroyed by the Zabi's Ambitions and his hatred for them
is justified. He diguises himself as Char to Slowly but surely screw over the
Zabi family, he believes that Zeon Daikun's (his father) ideas were
bastardized by the ambitions of the Zabi's. As you mentioned about Char's
famous 5 battleship run would be perfect against something as big as the Nueu
Ziel as long as debris is all over the place Char can hop. You would end up
the same way too if you heard someone bragging about killing you folks.

When Quattro Vagina asks what he thought of Char, Camille said that he thought
he was one of the most noble men, carrying all the burdens of his family on
his own shoulders (or something like that).But as noble as he was he couldn't
let go of the past, as a result: CCA.

- Roger


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