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>>> Can anyone help? How big is a MS Bazooka round? Eva handgun round?

>>Well, a Zak tends to carry a 880 mm bazooka, which is a 0.88 meter
> I could have sworn the Zakus carry 280mm rounds, or up, but not
>880mm -- that's *really* big!
> Remember, most MS "small arms" are 90mm.. 280mm is, by
comparison, a
>very large calibur. 880mm is ridiculous. =)

>Keep in mind although this is kind of a stupid thing its kinda cool to
>what others think, besides I doubt its 880mm.
>- Roger

When you consider that MS in general are ten times bigger vertically
then human beings, it is quite easy to estimate the size of the weapons
and the rounds used because the relative size of weapon to user doesn't
change. i.e the relative size of real weapon/ammo compared to a 1.8m
(6ft) human , is the same as the relative size of weapon/ammo compared
to a 18m (60ft) MS.

How big are the rounds of real life small arms ? around 5-9mm, so a MS
equivalent will be around 50-90mm. Note powerful handguns uses sizes
11-15mm i.e 0.357-0.44.

Now does 88mm look too big to be a real life bazooka round ?
It actually doesn't look that big, so a 880mm bazooka round for a 18m
tall MS isn't really ridiculus.

As a matter of fact, a WWII German shoulder launched anti-tank weapon
'Panzerschreck' uses 88mm rounds, which is equivalent to 880mm for a MS.

You can get shoulder launched anti-tank weapons today with rounds bigger
than 100mm, so a 1000mm rounds for a MS isn't out of the question.


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