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>After doing some suggest research, Gato is one year older than Char, and
>would have been 15 when the Mobile Suit Project was first started by Zeon in
>0073. Of course, Char was 14 at this time. During the OYW, Gato was Captain
>in Command of a patrol group based at Solomon while Char was a Lieutenant
>during the Ruum Campaign. Char received a double promotion to Major after his
>historic five battleship run that also earned him the moniker "Red Comet."

Cassoval Lem Daikun is indeed a year younger than Anavel Gato, but his
alter ego Char Aznable is officially two years older than he, so "Char" is
a year older than Gato and would've been Gato's sempai (upperclassman) at
the Academy.

Gato's age is of more than passing interest, however. He was established
as being 26 in UC 0083, a full five years older than Nina Purpleton, who in
turn was two years older than Kou Uraki. That makes Gato seven years older
than Kou, but it also puts his birthdate sometime around UC 0058. That's
interesting for two reasons:

1. Christina Mackenzie, 21 years old in UC 0079, would also have been born
circa UC 0058.

2. UC 0058 is the year that Side 3 declared indenpendence from Earth under
the leadership of Zeon Zum Daikun, starting the chain of events that would
lead to the One Year War. Gato would've been about the same age that Al
Izuruha was in Gundam 0080 at the time that Daikun died and the Degwin Zabi
came to power as the Soverign of the Zeon Principality.

>We see in the shows they are in that Char does not lead men, he orders them
>and expects them to get out of his way when they aren't needed. Gato, on the
>of hand, leads by example, never ordering his men to do something he wouldn't
>do himself. Char was feared by of his men, while Gato was respected. Both men
>knew when to attack, when to retreat, and when to make their last stand. Gato
>was torn apart emotionally by watching his men die without him during the
>Battle of A Bao A Qu, while Char only cared about his men if they succeeded
>in following his orders, and damned them if they didn't.

This is not exactly true. Char has any number of admirers among his
colleagues and subordinates and it would be more correct to say that many
stand in awe of him than to say they fear him. Char and Gato are both
legendary, which means that are defined in many people's minds by the
stories told about them.

It also means that they are often known only as the Red Comet or Nightmare
of Solomon, not by their actual names. I know a lot of people who can cite
the legend of the Red Baron, but have never heard of Manfred von Richtoven.

But Char and Gato come from different ends of the spectrum. Gato is a True
Believer in the glory of Zeon, as espoused by Gihren Zabi. Char, on the
other hand, doesn't believe in anything and is somewhat contemptuous of
those who do. Char is a user and a manipulator with a driving ambition to
destroy the Zabi family and reclaim his rightful place as leader of Side 3.
 Gato is an idealist and something of a romantic. People follow Char
because he's a man with a plan and has "Winner" written all over him, they
follow Gato because his zealotry is contagious, especially to those already
bitten by that particular bug.


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