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Sun, 31 Oct 1999 13:11:04 -0800

> It's funny how the press release said "Gundam launching party at TRU"
> instead of, more accurately, "Gundam Wing launching party at TRU". They
> probably realized that "Gundam" would pull in a bigger crowd than "Gundam
> Wing" for those who aren't paying attention. I mentioned about the
> party to a fellow Gundam fan, but after he realized it was just Wing, he
> refused to go because they weren't putting out Master Grade kits. ;)

Actually they didn't even had the complete line of Gundam Wing kits.
Missing from the display were: Altron, Deathscythe Hell and Wing Zero. All
are features in the model catalog, however. I asked about the availibilty
of MG kits and was told "maybe in the future". I would guess that they would
wait until the original series was shown on TV for this.

> Trying to pull in the holiday shopping crowd, most likely. So there
> weren't any contests or prize drawings for Southern California residents,
> like they hinted?

I didn't see any contensts although I filled out a survey form.


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