Y. Choe (choey@usa.net)
Sun, 31 Oct 1999 13:02:28 -0800

> I just got back from Bandai's Gundam Wing modelling event at the Santa
> Monica Toys R Us. I'm a little underwhelmed with what I saw there. What
> they had was a TV showing the same Gundam Wing modelling video that they
> been showing before in Toys R Us composed of clips from Gundam Wing mixed
> with model building clips. The clips did not feature any spoken dialog,
> which was a little dissapointing as I wanted a chance to hear how the
> dubbing sounded.

Hmm... Keeping that a mystery I'll bet. I hope that once we press the SAP
button on our TV sets, that we'd get the original Japanese Dialogue. Of
course, I'm just full of hopes today. :)

> There was also a table featuring two Gundam Wing staffers building models.
> The models that were being built weren't that extravagant - they were just
> snapped together with the decals applied, and a marker used to apply some
> simple panel line details. I shouldn't have expected Hooby Japan level of
> quality since the point of the exhibit was to show how easy it

Hmm... We'll see how that fares onces the series hit the fans this March.
Too bad though. They could've brought some of the better custom builds from
Hobby Japan or Model Graphics to show them the possibilities that can be
achieve with these kits.

Or they could've wowed those kits with bunches of Gundam X kits that look
like GI Joe on Crack Steroid.

> Most of the staff there were wearing a really nice Gundam Wing Polo shirt,
> but regretablly they didn't have any of these for sale. Most of
> the people
> I talked to were members of the Advertising Agency Bandai hired to promote
> Gundam Wing, and as such they weren't real knowledgeable about
> the plans for
> Gundam Wing (let alone other Gundam series). There was one guy who might
> have been a Bandai or Anime Village rep, but I didn't get a chance to talk
> to him.

I wonder when those are going to be on E-Bay...

> In any case, those of you who couldn't make it didn't miss much.
> I ended up
> buying a kit (1/144 Epyon) but it didn't look like much else was going on.
> I build better kits than the experts that they had there. I left a little
> puzzled, wondering why Bandai is trying to push the show this early, long
> before it will air in the Spring.

How were the prices? Are they lowering them down to Japanese levels or not?

Overall, I'm kinda glad I didn't get a ride after all. :)

Y. CHoe

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