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> Are you sure Gato has more experience? Char was on of the first
> mobile suit pilots and was in combat from the beginning of the war.
> Gato may be older (check his official age, don't rely on chara
> designs ^_^) but he couldn't have been a MS pilot any longer than Char.
> How exactly is Gato a better soldier anyway? Because is fanatically
> loyal to Delaz and Zeon? And if Gato is a better soldier, why isn't he
> a tai/captain/colonel at the end of the OYW?

After doing some suggest research, Gato is one year older than Char, and
would have been 15 when the Mobile Suit Project was first started by Zeon in
0073. Of course, Char was 14 at this time. During the OYW, Gato was Captain
in Command of a patrol group based at Solomon while Char was a Lieutenant
during the Ruum Campaign. Char received a double promotion to Major after his
historic five battleship run that also earned him the moniker "Red Comet."

We see in the shows they are in that Char does not lead men, he orders them
and expects them to get out of his way when they aren't needed. Gato, on the
of hand, leads by example, never ordering his men to do something he wouldn't
do himself. Char was feared by of his men, while Gato was respected. Both men
knew when to attack, when to retreat, and when to make their last stand. Gato
was torn apart emotionally by watching his men die without him during the
Battle of A Bao A Qu, while Char only cared about his men if they succeeded
in following his orders, and damned them if they didn't.

And, as to being soldiers, Gato didn't have supernatural abilities, but he
was very successful in battle. He know tactics and strategy, how and when to
move, and he know when it necessary to give his life for what believed in.
Char, on the of hand, was gifted, and nearly unstoppable in combat. He also
know strategy, and individual tactics, but he was a loner in battle and he
didn't care about his follow soldiers. Also, Char had his own agenda to
follow, and he was a traitor to his people.

> I'd have to say both men a skilled, seasoned pilots and while
> Gato is more idealistic, Char is a pragmatist and has more
> personal ambition. Ambition and idealism could either help or
> hinder a soldier. They also have a different sense of commitment
> to their ends: Gato would die for the cause, Char would live to fight
> again (and not kid himself that a colony drop isn't an evil rotten thing to

True enough. Gato was one of the true Children of Zeon, while Char was just
one of Zeon's children. Char's goal was to get close to the Zavi's so he
could destroy those that killed his father, but he never really had it in him
to bring his fathers vision to life. He just didn't believe. Gato was a
soldier first and foremost, following the ideals he believed in to the end.
Gato was a soldier and a leader of men, while Char was just a bastard
poisoned by revenge.


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