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> That would be too unfair in my eyes, Gato would be so overpowered by Char
> without Neue Ziel and Gato would lose no doubt. Even if Char in a Zaku I
> Gato in a gelgoog I still say Char. He's just better in every way compared
> to
> Gato, no contest.

I didn't know, Gato seems to be a much better soldier than Char. Char has a
supernatural advantage over Gato, but Gato was still an ace of roughly the
same caliber as Char. The more I think about a duel between these two, the
more I would like to see it happen. I think Gato would give Char a run for
his money. Gato has never relied on any supernatural abilities to win a
fight, his always used his skills as a pilot and commander. Also, I get the
impression that Gato is older the Char, and been an MS pilot far longer as of
0083. Gato has experience, where Char has supernatural ability. In anime,
ability always seems to win over experience, but that's a cultural thing. In
the West, Gato should very well be the victor in a duel between himself and
Char. A straight up Gelgoog on Gelgoog fight would pit experience and skill
vs supernatural senses and natural ability. I fight I would definitely like
to see.

Now Kou vs Amuro, Amuro would win hands down. Not because Kou isn't a good
pilot, or that he just isn't a New Type, but because Amuro is destined to
always win, regardless of the cost to himself and others. Kou is a true
"modern" hero, in that he rises to a challenge that is beyond his abilities
to succeed, and succeeds anyway. Amuro is a "classic" hero, in that he is
better than all his peers, has a supernatural ability, and is always destined
to win regardless of cost.

Hmmmh, come to think of it, Gato is very much a modern hero, where Char is a
classic hero. I guess that is way neither could ever defeat their nemesis,
since heroes that aren't the main character cannot fight heroes that are, and

At least, that's the way I see it.


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