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<< The Turn A must be selling decently, since Bandai is making
 this toy. I'm sure, if the Turn A wasn't selling well, this toy would
 probably never have been made. People either love it or hate it, but the
 A is here to stay and is a part of Gundam. >>

That isn't always true. Look at all of the Toys they make to promote movies.
Wing Commander the New Lost In Space. And they are almost always eventually
in the Bottom of the Basement Bargain Bin for like a buck. The toys were
made before the movie came out as a promotional tie in. They might have
planed to make all of these Turn A toys before the series came out, back when
EVERYONE was hyped about a new UC Tomino show. Back then it seemed like a
sure thing, so they invested in designing a new group of toys. If they made
the investment to design them they gotta at least try and sell them. Doesn't
mean people are buying. Or has anyone here bought those lame Wing Commander


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