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>>Nope, none of the above qualify as bi-anything. They are handsome, but =
>>they are also manly. Bishonen don't come across as manly.
> If that's the case, how in the world did fellas like Heero, Trowa, and Wufei
>became considered as "bishonen"?

Beats me. I wouldn't call them bishonen for a nanosecond. Well, I might conceed on Quatre, he's awfully pretty (must've been the hormonal overdose of having 29 sisters ^_^) Oh, I've asked my roommate about this--she grew up in Japan and was a Wing fan--she's never thought any of the boys were bishonen but she sure like Duo.
>>> Um, I understand that a character has to be in his youth
>>Bishonen are distinctively, gracefully beautiful in a feminine way.
> I know that, but the way I see it, the word "bishounen"
>is pretty broad. Sometimes, it just depends on the individual judgement. Guys
>like Tokiya Mikagami (from Flame of Recca) are bishounen in my vocabulary, but
>despite Tokiya's resemblance and analogy to YYH's Kurama, he doesn't have than
>"feminine" aspect of Kurama. But then, they're both considered bishounen.

>>Femininity and usually elegantly feminine, not cute-feminine.
> Again, if that's the case, how did most of the GW boys
>became considered as bishounens?

Maybe the term is beeing used more loosely these days but that's kind of like saying any Hollywood actor who appeals to women and is better looking than Charles Bronson (I may have that wrong, I'm thinking of the 70's actor from Deathwish) is a pretty boy.

>>Bishonen are always cool in my anime watching experience, but cool =
>>character are rarely bishonen.
> How do you define "cool characters"? =)
Its the "cool" attitude/stereotypical behavior of the character as opposed to whether the audiance finds the character appealing. Utter self-assurance, almost always calm. I'm not sure how else to describe it, that's what the word is for ^_^ Japan produces the "cool" character par excellence.

> Oh okay, I kinda thought that Tomino designed all the characters in every UC
>Gundam series. By the way, which came first, the Gundam manga or anime?

Hiroyuki Kitazumi designed the charas for Gundam ZZ and also lots of illustrations for Zeta. His style is similar to Yaz' but usually looks a bit jazzier (he also illustrated Tomino's Gundam novel Gaia Gear). Harohiko Mikimoto (aka Hal) did the designs for Gundam 0080: A War in the Pocket and seems to have illustrated Lightning Hathaway as well as Belotica's Children. I forget who designed 0083: Stardust Memories, but that was someone else. Unfortunatly that's the limits of my Gundam experience. It looks to me like there's been an new charater designer for each series following F-91.


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