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>> My problem is, does anyone know where I can get it in the states?
>> I live in
>> NYC and all they sell is that oil based one.
>The real easy way to determine that is the color of the wrappers. The black
>ones seem to be based on oil, but cleans up real easily with alochol based
>fluids. The blud wrapper ones seem to be the acrylic based one.
>For the record, I've used both, and I generally like the black ones better,
>as the paint seems to be more durable, and goes on much more evenly.
>And as for the panel lines, I prefer the micron sigma pens, with judicious
>wipes. :)
>Y. Choe
>no not really, An oil based panel line marker had a blue body with a black
cap as opposed to the water based which is all black. I dislike the oil base
because Alcohol and oil based thinners eat away at your paint the reason I
like the Water based is because water doesn't do that.

- Roger


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