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>>> Can anyone help? How big is a MS Bazooka round? Eva handgun round?
>>Well, a Zak tends to carry a 880 mm bazooka, which is a 0.88 meter round
>>diameter. The rifle rounds I see in EVA have a diameter slightly larger than
>>a human is tall, say about a 2 meter diameter. When have you ever seen an MS
>>carry a weapon that big?
> I could have sworn the Zakus carry 280mm rounds, or up, but not a
>880mm -- that's *really* big!
> Remember, most MS "small arms" are 90mm.. 280mm is, by comparison, a
>very large calibur. 880mm is ridiculous. =)
> As for EVA, just take it in perspective. If the EVA is really 40m
>tall, then it's rifle is probably the equivalent of a MS Bazooka. One decent
>hit from it will tear limbs off an MS. And it's on *full auto*.
> On the plus side, an MS is smaller, and harder to hit. =)
> Can we just let this thread die? The two are basically different in
>design philosophy; comparing the two is rather illogical..

Keep in mind although this is kind of a stupid thing its kinda cool to see
what others think, besides I doubt its 880mm.

- Roger


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