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For the prices that you see in the store, there are quite a few things that
gets into the factor of the actual cost of a kit.
Not only is there shipping, but also availability and import tax. The
larger the quantity does not guarantee lower shipping cost. Sometimes, the
exact opposite.
Case in point:
A friend of mine had his Japanese contact purchased 3 shipments worth of
Anime and Godzilla products to be shipped in 3 shipments. Due to
miscommunication, all the products were shipped at the same time. The
shipping and tax turned out to be 3 times the cost of the product. What is
a boy to do? You can't just go and divide the shipping on to each item,
because items you just can't justify the sale price. Should the store owner
eat the cost? If you were the store owner, would you? And if you say yes,
how long do you think you can afford to do this?
All in all, what is a good price?
A good price is a price that you, the consumer is willing to pay for the
product, pending on how bad you want it. If the product is hot, I, as a
store owner, may charge more for it to make up some losses on the other
items that are not selling. these items may not be what I wanted to order,
but what I am required by my distributor to order in order to get the latest
stuff. It would be nice if I can pick and chose what I want to sell, but it
doesn't work that way. If you want the latest MG kit, you have to buy an
assortment, which will give you maybe 2 of the new kit, and 4 kits from the
previous production run. No other way around it. As a previous post,, I
believe by Eddie back in August stated, what is the true cost of a MG Dom,
if you are in the business, you will know.
What about the case with godfaterk and Hobby Place?
What the dude has got is not a good price, but a true BARGAIN!!!
And you know what, jump on it while you can!

Happy Hunting :)

Gus Jae

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