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>Nope, none of the above qualify as bi-anything. They are handsome, but =
>they are also manly. Bishonen don't come across as manly.

 If that's the case, how in the world did fellas like Heero, Trowa, and Wufei became considered as "bishonen"?

>> Um, I understand that a character has to be in his youth
>Bishonen are distinctively, gracefully beautiful in a feminine way.

 I know that, but the way I see it, the word "bishounen"
is pretty broad. Sometimes, it just depends on the individual judgement. Guys like Tokiya Mikagami (from
Flame of Recca) are bishounen in my vocabulary, but despite Tokiya's resemblance and analogy to YYH's Kurama,
he doesn't have than "feminine" aspect of Kurama. But then, they're both considered bishounen.

>For = example, Larva from Vampire Miyu posesses feminine beauty--especially in =
>the manga where he's more beautiful than other female characters.

 I saw only a few episodes of Vampire Princess Miyu and
it was around 5-7 years ago. I didn't think Larva was in
anyway feminine. He was a bishounen alright, but I didn't
think in a feminine way (at least then).

>Simply =
>being cute or even handsome doesn't cut it as bishonen. Another bishonen =
>giveaway is the rose. Pokemon's James/Kojiro is a parody of a bishonen.

 Ha ha! James kinda reminded me of Trunks with 17 Gou's
voice ^_^;

>Heroic Legend of Arislan is another source of bishonen: every single =
>youthful male character including the princess-er um, prince Arislan =

 I know Arislan is bishounen, but I've never seen the anime.

>Femininity and usually elegantly feminine, not cute-feminine.

 Again, if that's the case, how did most of the GW boys
became considered as bishounens?

>Bishonen are always cool in my anime watching experience, but cool =
>character are rarely bishonen.

 How do you define "cool characters"? =)

>> How about Camille Vidan? Garod Ran?

>Amuro and Camille are nothing like bishonen. They're just shonen. The =
>closest thing I've seen Yaz produce to a bishonen is his Paptimus =
>Scrirocco/Apollon/villain-from-Venus-Wars-part-2 character. And they're =
>still not quite it.

 Scirocco doesn't look feminine to me... but then, I only
saw him in SRWF Final and the MS Z Gundam game... and yeah, in some pics too ^^;

>Yasuhiko Yoshikazu (aka Yaz), is the chara designer for Mobile Suit =
>Gundam (0079), Zeta Gundam, Gundam F-91 and is the manga writer/artist =
>who created Arion, Rebel Sword (aka Star of the Kurds), the Venus Wars =
>and several other projects. Arion and Venus Wars were made into movies =
>which I believe he directed himself.

 Oh okay, I kinda thought that Tomino designed all the characters in every UC Gundam series. By the way, which
came first, the Gundam manga or anime?


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