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<< No offense to all you Turn A lovers out there but What is bandai thinking?
 we don't buy a 1/100 Turn A with a 25% percent off deal what makes'em think
 we'll buy an 89.00 Turn A model? >>

Well, its made of metal. Dn't forget that's the American stores price. It
probably costs anywhere from $10 to $20 less in Japan. I sure will buy one,
because I don't collect much else besides Gundam toys/models and Video Games.
The 1/100 kit is fine, but this new toy will probably be more durable then a
model kit is. The Turn A must be selling decently, since Bandai is making
this toy. I'm sure, if the Turn A wasn't selling well, this toy would
probably never have been made. People either love it or hate it, but the Turn
A is here to stay and is a part of Gundam.


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