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Sat, 30 Oct 1999 23:29:50 -0400

Something I would like to share with everyone....

I usually detest the use of the gundam marker because it made the panel lines
all think and goofy but I have finally found a perfect liner!!!!

A long while ago I bought a gundam marker just for the hell of it but after
seeing how my friend did his MS's I would rather stick to the capillary thing
and forgotten about it recently I ran out of black paint and was too much of a
lazy ass to go out and buy more so I tried out the gundam marker and too my
surprise, it did really well! Its not the thick goofy Oil based one everone
loves to use, but it was the GM20, the water based acryllic one! It was like
an already thinned acryllic all I had to do was write over it an wipe with a
damp towel or something!

Oh yeah and just so you people know, I'm not a newbie model builder and do
consider myself to be in between intermediate and advanced.

My problem is, does anyone know where I can get it in the states? I live in
NYC and all they sell is that oil based one.

- Roger


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