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>>AT Field = perfect Defense
> Not quite... I've seen it get pierced, and it wasn't by
>a Progressive Knife...
>>EVA Weapons = crap, they use giant handguns and such. They're weapons can't
>>pierce Luna Titanium.
> Right... but what about the Progressive Knife? The EVAs
>pretty strong too you know (plus it's size and mass...)
>>They also have 15 minutes of power without the cord not to mention gundams
>>Also have melee weapons for close range attacks. And the fact that EVA's are
>>uncontrollable. The some MS's also have funnels to prevent close range
>>as well as confusing an EVA AND I'm not even down to MA's and Bulky MS's yet
>>either. Sorry to disappoint you Eva Heads. ^_^
> EVAs are not really invincible... w/o the protection of
>the ATF, they're just pretty much helpless to long range
But notice at the end of eva how Asuka perfected usage of an AT Field. Beam
weapons would mess up an eva and his butter knife.

- Roger


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