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>> Can anyone help? How big is a MS Bazooka round? Eva handgun round?
>> - Roger
>Well, a Zak tends to carry a 880 mm bazooka, which is a 0.88 meter round
>diameter. The rifle rounds I see in EVA have a diameter slightly larger than
>a human is tall, say about a 2 meter diameter. When have you ever seen an MS
>carry a weapon that big? I also have both EVA and Gundam models, and while
>they look close to the same scale, you may notice that the EVA kits are
>unscaled. SO there isn't much you can compare between models, other than

OK for example the PG Eva lets say compared to a 1/144 Gundam model. Look at
its handgun (the one that looks like a cop standard issue nine). Its bullets
would be a 1/2 inch at most in length and a 1/4 inch in width at most. Compare
that to a Rick Dom II at 1/144, its bazooka rounds are still bigger, besides
that a big enough difference to you right?

I'm a die hard Gundam fan and will contiue to root for Gundam all the way.

Oh yeah your judging all this aestheticly as well.

- Roger


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