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>> Think about it the Wing technology can most likely be placed around 0079-Z
>> technology Thier strongest MS Wing Zero and Epyon Resembles most likely a
>> gundam, BUT keep in mind Newtypes don't exist and Zero systems make you
>> crazy.
>> Char in anything more that a Gelgoog can beat Zechs in any Wing universe
>> The Zero System makes you think about wierd stuff DURING a fight and in
>> short time , Char can beat him up. If Char had the Type 100 with him to
>> fight
>> the Wing Zero or epyon it would be no contest.
>Thing about the weight differences between UC and Wing Gundams. The RX-78
>could easially rip in half any Gundam from wing. The '78 could hold its own
>against MSs heavyier that it was, yet the Wing Gundam's all weight in at just
>over 12% the '78's loaded weight. Now look at later UC Gundams, ones with
>better armor, better weapons, more thrust, and more speed. Wing Gundam's are
>Now, don't get me wrong, I love the Wing designs. I just think that they
>would have a better chance against G and X Gundam's than UC Gundam's.
I agree totally

- Roger


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