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>> AT Field = perfect Defense
>> EVA Weapons = crap, they use giant handguns and such.
>> They're weapons can't pierce Luna Titanium.
>Actually, the handgun rounds EVAs are firing are about the size of the
>bazooka rounds MSs fire. Last I heard, only one bazooka round is need to kill
>a MS. EVAs also have rifles that fire rounds normally fired from the main
>guns on Naval battleships.
>EVAs are twice as tall, just as fast, and better protected that MSs.
>MSs are half the size, better armed, and better powered than EVAs.
>EVAs can do things MS have never even try to do, like deep magma diving,
>regeneration, and surviving God's might wrath.
>MS are infinitely cheaper the build than EVAs. For the price of one EVA, you
>can build over a hundred MSs, maybe even a thousand. One hundred GP02a's can
>kill any EVA yet seen (and most of the world).
>But could a group of MSs stand against Angels, and survive?
When has anything less that a beam weapon seem to hurt a gundam? And as
mentioned before Newtypes can try to fry the Pilots mind directly.

Actually Bazooka rounds are explosive as opposed to rifle rounds which are
just a piece of hot lead. And Still notice the fact that Eva's actual armor is
nothing if a gundam had gotten close it could rip it up with its bare hands.

And Regeneration? what is it gonna do eat gundanium? After that The Eva will
have a mighty big tummy ache.

Still like i mention waaaaaaaaaay back... cut the cord... what is it gonna do
go crazy?

And Eva's have a limited range because of the cord.

Besides which weapon of an eva is as big as a bazooka? The Eva may be bigger
but even if it was 3 times bigger its weapon handgun round are still not as
big as a bazooka round. I have both EVA and Gundam Models and eva weapons are
way small.

Maybe the sniper rifle but thats it.

I'll have to look some of this stuff up.

Can anyone help? How big is a MS Bazooka round? Eva handgun round?

- Roger


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