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> Think about it the Wing technology can most likely be placed around 0079-Z
> technology Thier strongest MS Wing Zero and Epyon Resembles most likely a
> gundam, BUT keep in mind Newtypes don't exist and Zero systems make you
> crazy.
> Char in anything more that a Gelgoog can beat Zechs in any Wing universe
> The Zero System makes you think about wierd stuff DURING a fight and in
> short time , Char can beat him up. If Char had the Type 100 with him to
> fight
> the Wing Zero or epyon it would be no contest.

Thing about the weight differences between UC and Wing Gundams. The RX-78
could easially rip in half any Gundam from wing. The '78 could hold its own
against MSs heavyier that it was, yet the Wing Gundam's all weight in at just
over 12% the '78's loaded weight. Now look at later UC Gundams, ones with
better armor, better weapons, more thrust, and more speed. Wing Gundam's are

Now, don't get me wrong, I love the Wing designs. I just think that they
would have a better chance against G and X Gundam's than UC Gundam's.


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