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>>>The Eva unites would win ginat hands down.
>>> 1) Where the Gundams are what 40 m. tall, the eva's are huge!
>>> 2) AT fields. At fields are immune to all projectile/laser/nuke weapons.
>>>Sorry gundam heads, not even a gundam/newtype could stand against a clone
>>>divine origin.
>>>Chris Perry
>>That depends on if the clone of divine origin knew what was gonna hit it.
>>If the AT fields are down because of the pilot not being able to sense the
>>danger (possible with certain MS's which can fire from orbit, or at least
>>from VERY long range), then they can be picked off. if the first three
>>shots manage to tag the pilot core...or heaven help the surrounding
>>community, the EVA core, then it may be all over. All this doesn't apply
>>to Shinji of course. Taht kid and his EVA are a nasty combination.
> AT Fields vary in strength... it of course depends on
>the pilot, but I wouldn't say it is immune to nuke. By
>the way, Kaworu had the most powerful AT Field in the series, only to be
matched by Rei's (after Kaworu told
>her that she... oops, no spoilers now ^^;), but I don't
>know about that instance when Shinji, Rei, and Asuka
>combined their AT Fields...

AT Field = perfect Defense
EVA Weapons = crap, they use giant handguns and such. They're weapons can't
pierce Luna Titanium.

They also have 15 minutes of power without the cord not to mention gundams
Also have melee weapons for close range attacks. And the fact that EVA's are
uncontrollable. The some MS's also have funnels to prevent close range attacks
as well as confusing an EVA AND I'm not even down to MA's and Bulky MS's yet
either. Sorry to disappoint you Eva Heads. ^_^

- Roger


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