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> Sorry. Alas I did not know, AGAIN! 0083 was the first thing I ever saw,
> the only other thing I have is the 1st movie. However stupid it may be, I
> ASSumed that Lunarians were Zeon just because they were spacenoids.
> Apologies.

You know, this comment got me thinking. I collected Gundam models for years
before I every saw a Japanese model magazine, or any manga. The first Gundam
comic I ever saw was the Viz graphic novels for 0083. Then, a few years
later, I came across some Gundam LDs (MSG I, II, and III, Victory, and G
Gundam). I bought the three movies and G because they had the most viewing
time for the least dollar amount, being two disks per volume where Victory
was only one disk, and they all had the same time per disk and the same cost
per volume. So, MSG and G became the first Gundam shows I ever watched. I
later picked up Zeta and the first volume of Wing, on LD, but was never able
to find Victory again. A friend picked up all of Gundam X (except vol. 1) for
me, thing that he was buying the rest of Gundam Wing. A few more years later,
I find 0080 and 0083 on video, and copies of CCA and F91. Then, most
recently, the first volume of X and LDs for 08th MS Team became available to
me. But and this time, I still collected the models, still bought the
magazines (when I could find them), and still enjoyed Gundam as I always did,
no subs or dubs, just straight Japanese (a language I still cannot
understand). I've collected a lot of English magazines detailing Gundam, like
Mecha Press, Protoculture Addict, Animerica, and so on, and I've visited most
of the Gundam site I could find on the web. My bother has the same interest
in Gundam that I do, but he's more into the building models and designing his
own stuff (a major reason why his majoring in mechanical and electrical
engineering at college). Between the two of us, we want to build a Mobile
Suit, even if what we can build is a Votoms or Labor. I guess after all these
years, what I really want to see is real life mecha, and cute mecha pilot in
a skin tight suit!


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