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Really what's a big clumsy Mobile Armor ever had that Char
couldn't defeat with a "Bazooka Round" no I-Field protection
from that. And Kou and Gato were both pretty lousy shots. I
mean Gato kept on not being able to kill Kou, because he was
learning too fast, whereas Char couldn't kill Amuro because he
always seemed to know when the shots were coming, they both
did. Try this for your example...

Gato: Damn he's too fast, can't aim these clumsy beam cannons
             quick enough...
      <Blast Blast>
Char: This guy can't hit Sh**, no wonder that angst ridden moron
             keeps giving him so much trouble.
Gato: Ah here he comes again, I'll finish him this time. "Char I have
      <Blast Blast>
Char: Mmmm Newtype sense says move left...
      <Zaku/Gelgoog/Ziong moves out of the way>
Gato: Damn, how does he do that...
Gato: I'll win because I have the Light and Fire of Zeon
      <Beam saber swish>
Char: I'll win because I was born because Zeon lit a fire
      <Heat Hawk miss>
(They always miss while their talking just watch Char's Counterattack
 or any Erol Flynn Robin Hood movie.)

Gato: I am the Nightmare of Solomon...

Char: You mean the FAKE title they gave you for a battle you
             could not possibly have fought in, to make you a more
             impressive clone of me anyway...

Gato: I'm not your clone... I'm a Zeon soldier...

Char: Your the cheap clone of me used to fight the feds while I
             was off buying sunglasses...

Gato: No....

Char: Yes....
       <Bazook round fires into Nue Zeil>
Gato: But I have an I-Field
Char: Give a guy a mobile armor and he destroys a few battlships
            and he thinks he's some sort of a god... Hell I destroyed 5
            warships in a Zaku... some guys never learn...

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> > > > century!!!!
> > > > Alright fellas, who would win between Char Aznable and Anavel
> > > > Sorry I really shouldn't tell my opinion, because I'm biased, Gato
> > >the
> > > > way. Of course, there are quite a few Gundam shows I have not seen.
> > > > And while were at it, Kou vs. Amuro. When Amuro gets through
> > >Kou
> > > > (even though I really like Kou, he doesn't stand a chance, If their
> > >were
> > > > evenly matched) there wouldn't be enough left of him or his Mobile
> > >to
> > > > put in a regular sized shoe box. The bottom line is Kou's not a
> > >Newtype.
> > > > What if the RX-78 took on 0083's Unit 3? That might be
> > >interesting.
> > >
> > >I'm very sad to say Anavel Gato will lost versus Char Aznable
> > >because: 1) Char is the best ace of Zion Forces.
> > >2) Char is a newtype and if he got a Newtype MS in the hands then Char
> > >crush Gato easily courtesy of funnels !
> > >3) Gato didn't manage to wipe out a mere roquie like Uraki.
> > >
> > >Despite all these reasons Aznable must be careful because Gato is The
> > >Nightmare
> > >of Solomon and he didn't earns such nickname for nothing.
> > >
> > >Kou Uraki versus Amuro Rei that's definitively not fair for Kou ! Amuro
> > >will
> > >crush him like an insect even Amuro got a Zaku and Kou a Gundam ;)
> > Although I didn't know that Char was a newtype, I did know that he would
> > beat Gato. I just don't want to face reality. Kou and Amuro, no
> > What if Gato had the Mobile Armor Noia Zeal and Char had a normal
> Gato with The Neue Ziel and Aznable with a normal Zaku then Gato will
> win.
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