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>To come to think of it, the Evangelions are quite huge in size.. much larger
>than the gundams (16.7m). A human would reach up to about the ankle of a
>gundam MS but according to the anime, a human is no larger than the nose of
>an Evangelion, so wouldnt that imply an Evangrlion could literally step on a

The Closest we can get to a real fighting simualation we can get is the Super
Robot Wars Games. According to that an Eva's AT Field is just super strong
defense but it has no weapons to back it up. Its Arsenal of weapons are mostly
machine guns and stuff not unlike the Zaku II weaponry, so all a Gundam pilot
needs to do is cut the cord and wait 15 minutes and then Slice'em up real
good, keep in mind an eva's armor/restraints are not even close to the
strength of Luna-Titanium much less gundanium so I I think that a simple beam
saber could do this job.

- Roger


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