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>> I think the point that mark is making is that the FZ, while it's specs are
>>improved over the F, could not have actually been produced in the time
>>that it supposedly was. Now, while they could have been verhauls of Fs,
>>the fact is that the production lines that had made the Zaku were no
>>longer doing so,having been switched over to Rick Doms or other Similar suits.

        Having followed this thread for a bit, it's time for me to jump in.. =)

        I finally thumbed through my Gundam Mechanics books, and took a
closer look at the figures given -- and found that, yup, 0080 MSes are
heavily over-powered. If you really want to talk about it, a Gelgoog JG can
*really* give a Zeta a run for its money; the JG has more thrust, and a
higher thrust-to-weight ratio than the Zeta!

        I believe the figures are really faulty -- the designers got
overboard and gave most of the "Series II" Zeon suits twice the previous
thrust. Fed MS are less prone to this problem, but it is still very obvious
that the MS have way too much thrust.

        Which leads me to my second point:

        I recently got Gundam Mechanics 2, which featured most of the 0083
MS. Now, 0083 was my second Gundam show, and I liked it for its glitz... but
I just realised how technically compliant it actually is. Most of the MS
actually took into consideration OYW and 0080 MSes!

        For example, take 0083's RGC-83 GM Cannon II. It's design is based
heavily on the RX-77D from 0080, which had a total screen time of about 5
seconds. The GM Cannon II's basic shape is taken from the 77D, the backpack
assembly's almost entirely the same, and best of all, in the text, it is
stated that the armour of the RGC-83 is derived from Alex's armour!

        Other examples: The RGM-79 (various types) all carries shields and/
or 90mm machine guns from the 0080 era -- curved shields of the RGM-79G, the
bullpup 90mm, etc. The body designs are also very similar to the 0080 designs.
        What's more, most of the 0083 Fed GMs are carring bazookas that are
later showcased as part of Z! The bazookas are literally taken from Z and
used -- a nice sense of continuity here..

        On the Zeon side, the Zaku-F2 seems to lead up to the FZ class, with
modifications to the legs that make it look like a predeccesor to the FZ.

        I feel that 0083 is a glitz show that pays attention to the timeline
in terms of MS design, but with severe plot holes. 0080 OTOH, is a series
that doesn't pay attention to OYW MS designs, but an otherwise good show.

        OB Questions:

        As I thumb through my books, I realised that I have no idea why the
reactor output is such an important pert of MS design. What does reactor
output affects?

        Also.. AMX-002 is the Neue Ziel.. so what's AMX-001? I can't seem to
find a reference to it offhand.


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