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>You know you guys shouldn't even be comparing the two worlds. They are
>totally different designed for totally different purposes and concepts.
>EVA's are acts of God, while Gundam is a man made machine designed to
>combat man's machine. You can't compare worlds like that. It's like
>comparing Star Trek and Gundam, two totally different worlds based on two
>different systems of physics and science. It doesn't work that way. So
>you guys should stop comparing who's MS would kick who's MS. Each MS has
>it's strengths and weaknesses, it's operation time in the timeline, and of
>course it depends on the pilot. It would be like comparing RX-78 vs.
>'s incomparable because of the large gap. Well, if 178
>destroyed 78 then there wouldn't be 178 in the first place...that's
>speaking on the time continuity type of sense. See? If you speak from all
>these different perspectives like you guys have been doing on this ML, you
>won't get anywhere. If you compare them by technical specs then you can do
>that. But beating one another just doesn't work.

hahahahhhaha! cool down! it's all a funny play of what ifs going on here,
pure tech-geek and fanatic comparisions...we would never seriously really
discuss it right guys? <wink>

Anyway...It is sometimes nice to compare totally offbeat stuff, cause
precisely that is where you see the limitations of the worlds they come
from. for example...Gundams would not survive going up against certain
Macross ships, or perhaps even against some superrobots because of the way
they are made (like superrobots without the PILOT IN THE HEAD...sorry,

It's just a nice mental exercise for anime geeks like me.

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