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adam loehmann wrote:
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> >Subject: [gundam] EVAs vs. Mobile Suits
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> >Has anyone seen Neon Genesis Evangelion? I haven't so I'm asking you. If a
> >group of Gundams, say a few GP01s and a GP02 went head to head with a bunch
> >of EVAs, who would win? Be honest.
> >--Gundam01
> >
> (Disclaimer: i have not seen all aof eva i have seem eps 1,2,3,9,11,12 so
> soem of my assumtions such as no lasers may be incorrect but from the info
> that i have here are my predicitions)
> I am thinking that the gundams would end up kickign some major ass all they
> would have to do is dodge and flyaround for like what is it an hour then
> just smack the sh*t out of the now powerless eva
> were we to ditch the power drain idea the eva woudl still loose because i
> don't remember a single beam cannon/ hyper bazooka/ mega buster anything all
> they had was really big machine guns granted these could seriously screw up
> a gundam at point blank range but all the gundam would have to do though is
> blast from a distance
> now if we got rid of the guns the gundam would win because im pretty sure
> they are fast if not they are sure seem stronger not to mention the odd beam
> saber or heat hawk.
> in purely hand to hand no weapons at all it depends on the pilot and the
> mech ie. a eva vs a gm would be pretty evan maybe toward the eva even but
> and eva vs liek GP-01 or or the alex im thinking the eva would be in trouble
> but it would still be agood fight
> just my 2 cents
> adam

How about the Eva's revised Positron rifles? Or the S2 series evas
(Eva-01 and Eva-05 series)? They regenerate pretty fast you know...

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