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ryan.freeman wrote:
> Just my opinion but are we really able to compare the two since EVAs and
> Mobile Suits were designed for different purposes. Mobile suits were
> designed for military operations, and EVAs were built for the sole reason of
> defending Earth from the Angels. With this in mind remember that Mobile
> Suits were given weapons such as beam rifles, beam sabers, hyper bazookas,
> etc. and altough EVAs were given physical weapons and guns like a MS, an EVA
> relies heavily on it's ability to generate an AT Field for itself and
> dissapate an enemy's AT Field.
> To put it simply an EVA wasn't designed with the idea of destructive
> force in mind, and Mobile Suits were.
> BTW I think that the EVA would kick some Mobile Suit butt. Unless EVA-01
> with Shinji at the controls was to face off Amuro in the Nu Gundam. That
> might too close to call.
> -Ryan Freeman-
Oh yeah...I forgot the AT field...can it be comparable to the I-field in
combat if they actually face off?

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