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>One word: NUKE.
>Although the Evas tend to survive over-the-top explosions, I doubt it will be
>able to survive a nuke.

There was a question about this on the EVA ML when I was still there, and I
think the answer was that it depended on the Spiritual strength of the
pilot...and concurrent synchronization with the EVA unit being piloted.
Since the AT field is directly linked to the Pilot's state of mind, a
Berserker Eva-01 w/Shinji could possibly survive a Nuclear blast. it is
doubtful if Rei would survive in the 00', and there is a slight chance that
Asuka and the EVA-02 would be at least be barely functional after that.
The EVA-01 has been seen to survive directed attacks from ATF-derived
attacks or energy attacks from angels. A nuclear explosion is surely a
lvel up, but seeing as how Shinji pilots the EVA-01, then a nuclear
explosion would be...survivable.

I don't want to say anything else, since then I would need some spoiler

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