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There is a point toward the end of the third MS Gundam movie where Amuro has the
Gundam armed with two bazookas and has the shield on the back. After he expends
the bazooka ammo, the Gundam reaches behind it's back (between mounted shield and
back) and pulls out the beam rifle. I don't know if this means that the rifle
can be mounted on the Gundam's back (or hip), or if the rifle mounts to the
shield, which in turn mounts to the Gundam's back/hip.

Mark? :)

Joaquin Torres

Mark Simmons wrote:

> In the animation, the Gundam has no mounts for its weapons anywhere on
> its body (except perhaps for the shield, which I think can be stuck onto
> the backpack). The weapon mounts on the latter-day model kits - the High
> Grade, Master Grade, and Perfect Grade versions - are just the invention
> of the modelmakers, who don't seem to be able to decide which arrangement
> they like best.

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