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Actually, aren't all the Salamis/Magallen's that can carry MS's have a Kai
at the end? :D
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> >> The White Base- from the first Gundam Movie was a Salamis right?
> Salamis are cruisers -- and sometimes I wonder why they are not
> called "Zaku bait". (^_^)
> >
> >arm. The bay door opens, and the mobile suits and core fighters are
> >via catapult. Albion from 0083 has this option of launch, but they only
> >it inside atmosphere. In space, the opted for fold back extension above
> >hanger that catapulted mobile suit out.
> Um. I seem to recall the Albion using the bays strictly for Core
> Fighters only. Even in an atmosphere, (as in Africa) the MSes are launched
> via catapults.
> >Starting from Zeta era, deck top launch of mobile made more sense (it
> >useable pressurized space), and became standard, with a catapult rail
> >strapped atop the ship. When I said on top of the ship, it does not have
> >be on the top of the ship. It could be below, or on the side.
> >in space is what you make of it.
> Just what are the advantages of the catapults? I can understand
> advantage of a higher base velocity (as the MS need not use precious fuel
> reach that speed) to conserve fuel, the ability to reach combat zones
> faster, as well as being less of a target during launch.. but are there
> other advantages?
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