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> I think the point that mark is making is that the FZ, while it's specs are
> improved over the F, could not have actually been produced in the time
> it supposedly was. Now, while they could have been verhauls of Fs, the
> is that the production lines that had made the Zaku were no longer doing
> having been switched over to Rick Doms or other Similar suits.

One point everyone seems to keep missing is that 0080 is a story told from
the point of view of a child. I don't know about everybody else, but my
memory of things I've seen and experienced as a child is a bit different from
real life. Speed Racer and Starblazers look much better in my memories than
they do in reruns. As far as I can see, 0080 is Al's story, told by a much
older Al, and told form his point of view as he remembers it.

At least, that's the way I see it.


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