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Edward Ju wrote:

> >and, i just placed an order for rx-78 gp02a at hobby place...
> >one week waiting period, just the same as with the legends toys and
> >hobbies...
> >but only for $38.00
> >i believe legends toys and hobbies sells the same master grade kit for
> >+$60.00... no?
> That can't be right, the MG GP-02A kit lists for 4,000 yen and the store
> would be losing money if they sold it for only $38.00.

Hey Eddie, 4000yen=$38.40 according to the Universal Currency converter, so
in effect you get the model at the Japanese RRP. The shop isn't losing any
money selling at this price, since this is the price that regular Japanese
stores sell at, i.e. Japanese wholesale price is considerably much much less
(may be 60 to 70 % less!). It sounds like this shop, gets the stock
directly from the same source that Japanese stores get their stock from.

It is possible that the American stores selling Gundam merchandise(and anime
mechandise in general) at exorbitant prices are forced to do so because they
are getting the stock at a high price themselves. But then again may be
not. I think American Gundam fans (and anime fans) have been severely
ripped off by American import stores but that's capitalism for you. As long
as people are willing to pay the price, they are going to milk you for all
you got. As always caveat emptor.


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