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Adam Loehmann writes,

>Hello as i sit here typing on my sek i noticed that my PG rx-78 did not come
>with a bazooka like my MG version but the rifle on the PG does stow on the
>back waist of the PG gundam just like the MG's bazooka and the rifle of the
>MG stows on the hip. Now I was wonderir if this is just design license or
>are these stow points actual part sof the RX-78 and if so how coem the PG
>can't stow the rifle on it's hip

  In the animation, the Gundam has no mounts for its weapons anywhere on
its body (except perhaps for the shield, which I think can be stuck onto
the backpack). The weapon mounts on the latter-day model kits - the High
Grade, Master Grade, and Perfect Grade versions - are just the invention
of the modelmakers, who don't seem to be able to decide which arrangement
they like best.

  In the HG kit, the bazooka attaches to the Gundam's butt and the rifle
(and two extra sabers!) can be stowed inside the shield. The MG kit puts
the bazooka on the butt and the rifle on the hip. The PG kit puts the
rifle on the butt and the bazooka, best as I can tell, goes nowhere. All
three allow the shield to be mounted on the backpack.

  So yeah, there's no official arrangement. You can pick your favorite, I
guess. :-)

-- Mark

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