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>Hello as i sit here typing on my sek i noticed that my PG rx-78 did not come
>with a bazooka like my MG version but the rifle on the PG does stow on the
>back waist of the PG gundam just like the MG's bazooka and the rifle of the
>MG stows on the hip. Now I was wonderir if this is just design license or
>are these stow points actual part sof the RX-78 and if so how coem the PG
>can't stow the rifle on it's hip
>I like the gundam gunfighter look

Due to the price of the PG kit, Bandai broke up the weapons and sold them
seperately in Custom Sets #1 and #2. They were 3,000 yen each IIRC, and
Set #1 comes with beam sabers that light up. I think the bazooka comes in
Set #2, but don't quote me on that.

Both sets come with clear armor and combine to give you a full set of clear
armor that replaces the armor that comes with your PG Gundam kit. The
other weapons you get include the Gundam Hammer, which comes with a metal
chain, and the beam javelin. I think you get 2 bazookas instead of just 1.

If the "back waist" you are referring to is located below the backpack,
then I believe that was actually used to carry the bazooka, not the beam
rifle. As for the beam rifle being carried on the hip, I believe it was
a design license that probably started with the 1989 release of the HG 1/144
Gundam kit (again, don't quote me on that one, I don't have the kit in front
of me and memory can play tricks), which has been carried over to the MG kit.
I don't recall seeing the Gundam carry the beam rifle on its hips in the
original TV series or the movie compilations.


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