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What is the fascination with all of these stupid acronyms. Why can't Gundam just stand for Gundam.

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  The manual attributes the use of the UNT Spacy term, now officially
disavowed by Sunrise, to a sort of nostalgic retrofitting by the
Federation's developers. The term originally stood for United Nations
Tactical [sic] Spacy, which was a military arm of the old United Nations
before this archaic entity was succeeded by the Earth Federation. The
Federal Forces then cooked up a new acronym as an homage; as per the kit
manual, this is Under Normal Tactical SPecial Assortment Construction
Yard (the kanji translation of Under Normal is simply "unusual"). This
nostalgic nonsense denotes a top-secret special project, which completely
fails to explain why it's stenciled on transport planes and mass-produced
mobile suits.

  In case you were at all tempted to take this silliness seriously, the
kit manual goes on to provide torturous acronyms for "Alex" and
"Chobham." The British town of Chobham, for which the compound armor is
named, will surely be astounded to discover that its proper name is
actually Ceramics Hybrid Outer-shelled Blowup Action Materials.

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