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Fri, 29 Oct 1999 13:58:27 EDT

Ok lets try this agains...

What are the differences between these
two PEGASUS class ships, Albion, Grey

The wings look different, as in "Grey
Phantom" has the "Fixed Wing" that does
not fan out like "Albion" swing wings.
The "Grey Phantom" has the same type
fixed wings as "White Base" version.

However does the "Grey Phantom" have
the catapult, since it only launches
is MS while inside the colony we can't
tell, but for all other intents and
purposes it looks like the "Albion"

Does it have the HELL System?
High Energy Lifting Laser - User to burn
fuel in the engines, a moon base or an
artificial sattelite like La Vie en Rose
were to fire the laser at its engines, and
ignite combustable fuel for long trips...
"Albion" uses this system, as does the
colony drop when they boost the colony.
It is the HELL lasers that are fired at
the colony to give it the power that it
needs. I want to know if the "Grey Phantom"
has the same kind of Mirror Array built
into its aft section enggines that the
"Albion" does.

It also might be nice to know total crew
and the rest, but I really wanted to know
about the technical differences.


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