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> > > What is the difference between the Grey Phantom
> > > from 0080, and the Albion of 0083 except for the
> > > wings....
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> >Well, Albion has a decktop launch catapult system not found
> in the earlier
> >version of Pegasus class carriers.
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> The White Base- from the first Gundam Movie was a Salamis right?

No. The White Base is the first Pegasus Class Mobile carrier/battle ship we
saw in any animation. It launches the mobile suite from the 2 hanger bay
arm. The bay door opens, and the mobile suits and core fighters are launch
via catapult. Albion from 0083 has this option of launch, but they only use
it inside atmosphere. In space, the opted for fold back extension above the
hanger that catapulted mobile suit out.

Zeon prior to the advent of Federation Mobile suit, seemed to just push the
mobile suit out of the hanger of any carrier. In the later incarnation,
they adopted the catapult, except they are launched laterally, with the
catapult attached to the back of the mobile suit, and hang upside down.

Starting from Zeta era, deck top launch of mobile made more sense (it save
useable pressurized space), and became standard, with a catapult rail
strapped atop the ship. When I said on top of the ship, it does not have to
be on the top of the ship. It could be below, or on the side. Orientation
in space is what you make of it.

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