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That Bangdoll fella writes,

>I didn't know you had a Saturn Mark.

  I've been borrowing my friend Toshi's. But when the PlayStation version
comes out, I reckon I'll finally break down and buy my first game console. :-)

>well Axis sold.. uh loan.. them the Zodiac.. its only logical they got
>something back in return.

  True, but the quasi-psycommu technology wasn't the New Desides' to
give. The only way they got hold of it was via defection - the Aeno
Fleet, which was sent to capture the New Desides, joined forces with them
instead and turned over the Gundam Mark V to their new allies.
Supposedly, Augusta made separate arrangements with the Axis to get the
technology into their hands.

>I don't really thing Axis cared much for the Quasi
>Psychomu system. I mean.. in an indirect way it goes against their

  Not necessarily. They suffer from the same shortage of newtypes as
everybody else does - thus their cloning program, and the eventual
conversion of Mashma and Chara into artificial newtypes. Far as I can
tell, the only natural newtypes the Axis had were Hamaan, the original
Puru, Arias Moma, and Iria Pazom.

  The Axis had already tried and failed to develop a quasi-psycommu
system for the Hamma Hamma, and when they finally got the technology from
Augusta, they cancelled all their other new mobile suit plans (like the
Zaku III) so they could start cranking out quasi-psycommu mobile suits
(i.e. the Doven Wolf).

  So the question once agin becomes, what happened to quasi-psycommu
after ZZ? You could argue that the Axis didn't leave any documentation
behind, but what happened to Augusta? And, as per Sentinel, Anaheim
licensed the technology from Augusta as well...

>I believe the most powerful incom belong to the Gundam Mk V, which has a 3.0
>MW incom.

  Actually, it's 4.5 MW - slightly higher than the S Gundam's 3.8 MW
incom. But all the power outputs for Sentinel mobile suits are far higher
than their Z and ZZ analogues.

-- Mark

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