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> battle of the
> century!!!!
> Alright fellas, who would win between Char Aznable and
> Anavel Gato?
> Sorry I really shouldn't tell my opinion, because I'm biased,
> Gato all the
> way. Of course, there are quite a few Gundam shows I have not seen.

If we suit them up with identical Gelgoog, Char. As good as Gato is, he is
simply not as agile of a pilot as Char. Not to mention Char's newtype
intuition and ability to locate enemy by empathy.

> And while were at it, Kou vs. Amuro. When Amuro gets
> through with Kou
> (even though I really like Kou, he doesn't stand a chance, If
> their MS were
> evenly matched) there wouldn't be enough left of him or his
> Mobile Suit to
> put in a regular sized shoe box. The bottom line is Kou's
> not a Newtype.
> What if the RX-78 took on 0083's Unit 3? That might be
> interesting.

Amuro's trusty RX78-2 should still be able to beat Kou in anything short of
the Orchid platform. I mean, Kou have never encounter anyone as deadly
accurate as Amuro. Not to mention that Amuro has much more experience than
he does (I am comparing Amuro at the end of OYW vs Kou at the end of
Stardust). If Amuro gets to fly GP01-Fb, Kou will still be toast in GP03.
Kou is simply not in the same class of a pilot as Amuro, and with the added
mobility of GP01-Fb, there is no way GP03 can win, except by running away.

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