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> > Actually, the interesting thing about this quasi-psycommu
> thing is that
> >it implies the Axis got the technology from Augusta, rather than
> >developing it for themselves. Having tried and failed to perfect this
> >system in the Hamma Hamma, they get it right in the Doven
> Wolf, which is
> >unofficially a revamp of Augusta's Gundam Mark IV and Mark
> V. It's long
> >been claimed that the Axis learned a lot from salvaging the
> wrecked Psyco
> >Gundam Mk. II, but perhaps they had a rather more direct
> connection to
> >the Federation's newtype labs...
> well Axis sold.. uh loan.. them the Zodiac.. its only logical
> they got
> something back in return. I don't really thing Axis cared
> much for the Quasi
> Psychomu system. I mean.. in an indirect way it goes against their
> philosophy. They've always been much more interested in
> figuring out ways to
> utilize or improve how a NT fights, which is why they're
> always ahead in
> psychomu technology. Diverting resource to getting normal
> oldtype pilots to
> use psychomu weapons seems counterproductive to their NT superiority
> complex.

And then there is the reality of how many NT pilots to go around. All
existing attempt to mass produce enhance human produced unstable pilots.
Natural NT is the rarest commodity in the Solar System, and they don't
usually work on your side. Non-NT experience pilots are more plentiful, so
we should give them something that might survived an encounter with enemy's
NT ace.

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