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Fri, 29 Oct 1999 08:00:48 -0700 (PDT)

> >if i may butt in for a moment...
> >
> >are you all talking about what i'm thinking about?
> Yeap. How someone can think they are excellent toys
> is beyond me.

<snippity snap buzz buzz>

> Nope, it's cheap first-makes everyhwere. It's
> strange how
> the Kado Senshi chogokin toy, also made in China,
> managed
> to come out so much better by comparison.

just outta curiosity -- for how much are those msia's
selling over there? here, they're about $12.5
(assuming a dollar-peso exchange of 1:40). 1/144
models (g, w, x) sell for about $7 to $10, for
comparison. them msia's won't be doing any good for
the kits vs. toys stigma.

i don't understand what's so good about the msia. i
got the rx-78 and HATED it...the hips get dislocated,
the wrists seem to have carpal tunnel syndrome, and i
shudder to think of how kids are going to play with it
when they wreck 1/144 kits so easily. even the 0083
1/144 gpo1 and gp02 are better.

i'll eavesdrop (not that i do it on purpose, mind you)
on what the mothers say about msia and let you know.
i seem to have a knack for picking up stray complaints
here and there. ;)

to date, i've noticed only exactly ONE mother who was
enthusiastic about buying kits. *sigh*



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