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Fri, 29 Oct 1999 07:34:36 GMT

>> Well, the Zaku FZ really has no place in Gundam continuity. After the
>>Dom and Rick Dom showed up, the Zeons stopped manufacturing Zakus
>>altogether; the notion that they'd go back, redesign the Zaku from the
>>ground up, and switch their assembly lines _back_ to making Zakus again
>>is pretty ludicrous. Really, the FZ is just what the regular Zaku looks
>>like in the 0080 videos; claiming that it's actually a variant in its own
>>right is a polite fiction to excuse the artistic license. ;-)
>actually Mark, the FZs are substantially different than the standard F or S
>series. For one thing, they have almost twice the thruster output as well
>three times more maneuverable with a ludicrous 19 apogee motors. They don't
>start making MS with that many veniers until ZZ. Further, they're made of
>Titanium Ceramic Alloy as oppose to the standard Zaku's Reinforced Steel.
>But then, there was always the technology continuity issue with 0080, all
>their MS are out of whack. Take my fav, the MS-14JG Gelgoog Jager. A MS
>over 280 (as oppose to 80 of a regular Gelgoog) tons of thrust and an
>unprecedented 24 apogee motors! You'll have to wait until CCA to find a
>produced MS that fast or maneuverable.

I think the point that mark is making is that the FZ, while it's specs are
improved over the F, could not have actually been produced in the time that
it supposedly was. Now, while they could have been verhauls of Fs, the fact
is that the production lines that had made the Zaku were no longer doing so,
having been switched over to Rick Doms or other Similar suits.

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