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>From: Mark Simmons <scorpio@best.com>

> >how's this for a laugh, in Banpresto's (ie: Bandai's) Super Robot War
> >series, funnels even work UNDER WATER!
> Wow, that's wack. And to think I was disconcerted that the otherwise
>thoroughly anal Giren's Greed allows Minovsky jamming to work underwater...

I didn't know you had a Saturn Mark. I still couldn't figure out how to play
that thing.. I wish there's a FAQ for it somewhere. Oh well... hehe..
Minovski particles underwater.. that's funny.

> How do you figure? On the basis of being included in the Entertainment
>Bible series, it's no more official than Double Fake. I think the working
>definition of "canon" should be a little stricter. And for what it's
>worth, Mediaworks' Data Collection series - the successor to the
>Entertainment Bible series, the timeline from which has been reprinted in
>recent official Bandai publications like the Big Bang event program -
>omits both Gundam Sentinel and Double Fake from its timeline. It looks
>like they're been un-canonized. ;-)

hmm.. I remember they were in the time line. I havn't seen the recent
publications. Too bad.. G Sentinels was a great series.

> Well, the only people to use it were Ryu Roots and Brave Cod in Gundam
>Sentinel, and Rakan Dakaran and his wingmen in ZZ. They all seem pretty
>sane to me...

I mean "prolong" as in REALLY prolong, like a couple of years! I was just
kidding anyways :P

> Actually, the interesting thing about this quasi-psycommu thing is that
>it implies the Axis got the technology from Augusta, rather than
>developing it for themselves. Having tried and failed to perfect this
>system in the Hamma Hamma, they get it right in the Doven Wolf, which is
>unofficially a revamp of Augusta's Gundam Mark IV and Mark V. It's long
>been claimed that the Axis learned a lot from salvaging the wrecked Psyco
>Gundam Mk. II, but perhaps they had a rather more direct connection to
>the Federation's newtype labs...

well Axis sold.. uh loan.. them the Zodiac.. its only logical they got
something back in return. I don't really thing Axis cared much for the Quasi
Psychomu system. I mean.. in an indirect way it goes against their
philosophy. They've always been much more interested in figuring out ways to
utilize or improve how a NT fights, which is why they're always ahead in
psychomu technology. Diverting resource to getting normal oldtype pilots to
use psychomu weapons seems counterproductive to their NT superiority

> Well, everything in Gundam Sentinel is more powerful. The Doven Wolf's
>incoms are just 2.0 MW - comparable to the Geymarck's 1.8 MW funnels.

I believe the most powerful incom belong to the Gundam Mk V, which has a 3.0
MW incom.

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