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Thu, 28 Oct 1999 22:49:40 -0700

>>and, since all or most of the american stores have "the right stuff" as
>>the sole distributor of bandai gundam models, ordering through hobby
>>place for out of stock items is easy... especially the worker there is
>>real nice and friendly...
>FYI Legends is owned by The Right Stuff. If they don't have something,
>chances are you won't get it else where for items distributed by TRS.

well, maybe not entirely so...
it isn't like legends toys and hobbies displays all of their available
bandai gundams models in the store...
i just spoke with the store clerk there, and he told me that they can
usually, if not always, bring in not-displayed items from their

and, i just placed an order for rx-78 gp02a at hobby place...
one week waiting period, just the same as with the legends toys and
but only for $38.00
i believe legends toys and hobbies sells the same master grade kit for
+$60.00... no?

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