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Wow , Mark you scored!!! I was just there (mikado) last sunday and there was no
Master Grade Alex. Maybe its for the best. I would have been tempted to buy it.
Even though I already have one on order with HLJ, man I wish they would hurry it
up!! also went by kinokuniya and checked out the new hobby japan...I hope I get
my NT-1 to look as good as the one in it.

Mark Simmons wrote:

> Hi listies (and BCC'd eavesdroppers),
> Two subjects for you on this occasion. First, I've completed an
> extensive backgrounder on newtypes and newtype weapons
> <>. Second, I picked up the
> Master Grade Alex kit (from Mikado Toys in San Francisco's Japan Center,
> for you locals). Couple observations I thought might interest y'all...
> First, the newtype business. In the process of researching this section,
> I unlearned yet another misconception about the Gundam world - namely
> that newtype powers involve the sending and receiving of brainwaves,
> albeit ultra-powerful ones. As many of you have pointed out, brainwaves
> are just electrical signals, and would thus be affected by Minovsky
> jamming. So how do newtypes communicate, and control bits and funnels,
> despite Minovsky particle interference?
> Enter another unique pseudo-scientific phenomenon, the psycho wave
> (also characterized as "sympathic wave" or "mind wave" in some texts).
> These emanations, produced by the human thought process, are similar to
> brainwaves but aren't electrical in nature. All humans produce them, but
> newtypes emit much more psycho wave activity, and are unnaturally
> sensitive to the psycho waves of others.
> This not only explains the Minovsky-proof nature of newtype
> communication, but also suggests a few other ramifications. For one
> thing, it clarifies that newtype senses are specifically attuned to human
> thoughts, rather than to some random portion of the electromagnetic spectrum.
> Also, since every human brain emits these waves to some degree, it
> suggests that newtypes may in fact be able to harness the energies of
> normal humans. Read down to the entry on Angel Halo, and you'll see that
> the "psychickers" carried aboard the ship are used as a sort of psycho
> wave farm, much like the movie The Matrix. The collected energies of
> these hapless mundanes are then wielded by a newtype controller. Could
> this be the explanation for the mass-mind miracle at the end of Char's
> Counterattack?
> Now, the Alex thing. The kit, of course, looks like it'll be a real
> stunner when it's built (and by the way, it doesn't have individually
> movable fingers a la the Dom - just an open hand whose fingers are
> dramatically splayed, rather than dangling limply as in previous MG
> kits). The kit manual, with its discussion of the infamous UNT Spacy
> term, has excited some discussion already, so here are some more details...
> The manual attributes the use of the UNT Spacy term, now officially
> disavowed by Sunrise, to a sort of nostalgic retrofitting by the
> Federation's developers. The term originally stood for United Nations
> Tactical [sic] Spacy, which was a military arm of the old United Nations
> before this archaic entity was succeeded by the Earth Federation. The
> Federal Forces then cooked up a new acronym as an homage; as per the kit
> manual, this is Under Normal Tactical SPecial Assortment Construction
> Yard (the kanji translation of Under Normal is simply "unusual"). This
> nostalgic nonsense denotes a top-secret special project, which completely
> fails to explain why it's stenciled on transport planes and mass-produced
> mobile suits.
> In case you were at all tempted to take this silliness seriously, the
> kit manual goes on to provide torturous acronyms for "Alex" and
> "Chobham." The British town of Chobham, for which the compound armor is
> named, will surely be astounded to discover that its proper name is
> actually Ceramics Hybrid Outer-shelled Blowup Action Materials.
> But anyway, acronyms aside, the kit looks like it's gonna rock big
> time. I'm off to go build mine right now...
> -- Mark
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