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>>Last Blitz of Zeon is the movie version of 0083, right?
>>- d
>Yes, and strangely enough, AnimeVillage did not try to cash in on
>such a no-brainer.

On the other hand, Gundam the Movies V: Gundam 0083 was based on Last Blitz
of Zeon, because of they were running out of movies, having already done
the trilogy and CCA, with only F91 left to go. F91 was GtM VI -- and then
they did the Gundam 0080 OAV series as two Gundam the OAV Movies books
(numbered VII and VIII just to confuse things even more). Then they went
back to compilation movies, having just cobbled the 3-episode Gundam Wing
Endless Waltz into same, for GtM IX. And the Xth and final GtM, 08th MS
Team Miller's Report, should be sitting in my P.O. box even as I type this.

Then again, the Gundam 0083 OAV would've required FOUR volumes, so if
they'd gone the OAV Movies route, I'd just now be getting GtM XIII....

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