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I've been going to the Hobby Place for around 25 years - I grew up around 2
miles from the place. They just started carrying import models again this
year. Their big money making business is RC cars, which is how they can
keep the prices of their models cheap. They have an excellent selection of
tools & airbrushes. They've got the recent kits - they had a MG Dom a
couple of weeks ago for around $60. The 1/144 Wing Gundam kits have been
selling really well there lately. They have always had great selection of
Tamiya and Hasegawa military and auto kits, but just got into anime again


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> forget legends toys and hobbies...
> well, not completely...
> did you all know about the place called hobby place?
> at...
> 10600 W. Pico Blvd...
> in los angeles?
> they are not much of an import hobby store, but they do carry fair
> quantity of bandai gundam models...
> and they don't mark up the price like legends toys and hobbies...
> i've compared the price, and hobby place's price is at most $5.00 or
> $8.00 higher than hobby link japan's price...
> or about 35% lower than legends toys and hobbies' price...
> and, since all or most of the american stores have "the right stuff" as
> the sole distributor of bandai gundam models, ordering through hobby
> place for out of stock items is easy... especially the worker there is
> real nice and friendly...
> check it out people...
> although hobby place doesn't carry as many as legends toys and hobbies
> does, hobby place has so much better price...
> oh, and they are selling testor aztek a4079 airbrush set for $84.00... i
> bought it...
> sweet price, no?
> and, they have all the gunze sangyo and tamiya paints, too!!!
> let me know, people...
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