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> Enter another unique pseudo-scientific phenomenon, the psycho wave
> (also characterized as "sympathic wave" or "mind wave" in some texts).
> These emanations, produced by the human thought process, are
> similar to
> brainwaves but aren't electrical in nature. All humans
> produce them, but
> newtypes emit much more psycho wave activity, and are unnaturally
> sensitive to the psycho waves of others.
> This not only explains the Minovsky-proof nature of newtype
> communication, but also suggests a few other ramifications. For one
> thing, it clarifies that newtype senses are specifically
> attuned to human
> thoughts, rather than to some random portion of the
> electromagnetic spectrum.
> Also, since every human brain emits these waves to some degree, it
> suggests that newtypes may in fact be able to harness the energies of
> normal humans. Read down to the entry on Angel Halo, and
> you'll see that
> the "psychickers" carried aboard the ship are used as a sort of psycho
> wave farm, much like the movie The Matrix. The collected energies of
> these hapless mundanes are then wielded by a newtype controller. Could
> this be the explanation for the mass-mind miracle at the end of Char's
> Counterattack?

So does Minovsky Control System used by Zanzacar Empire MS by artificially
creating these phychowave or some other thing to by-pass Minovsky particle

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